We offer solutions from wood to the logistical needs of your company. We make products suitable for transport and storage according to your order. We manufacture components for industry, agriculture and the construction industry. Our most well-known products are e.g. pallets, transport cages, wooden crates, frames, packaging, frame structures, etc.

An environmentally friendly choice

To Rakennepalvelu environmental friendliness is an absolute value. We take care of environmental issues and the implementation of ecological values ​​is monitored. Wood requires less energy than other building materials both in the entire production chain and in the production of Rakennepalvelu.

All timber coming to Rakennepalvelu is used as accurately as possible without compromising the quality of the products. Rakennepalvelu has also built its own wind farm to provide clean electricity to the operation. Domestic hot water in offices is heated by solar energy. Energy design with the right materials has been taken into account in the design of the production facilities. The heating of production facilities is handled by waste wood generated from production. The low-energy concept has been used in construction and the heating is performed as wood heating. The company's own delivery trucks will utilize emission-reducing AdBlue technology.


Rakennepalvelu Jurva Rinne Ky was founded in 1984. Jurva Rinne was a creative man who noticed that local companies had problems with logistics and product packaging. The company started as a pallet supplier. The product range expanded early into industry, agriculture and real estate management. The company has grown steadily and, in addition to its product range, has also increased its production volume.